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Console Vault
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Toyota Tundra Floor Console: 2007 - 2013
Toyota Tundra Floor Console: 2007 - 2013
Your Price: $279.00
On sale: $269.00 On Sale
Secret Safe: The Red Herring
Secret Safe: The Red Herring
Your Price: $349.00
On sale: $329.00 On Sale
Invisible Wall Safe: Covert II
Invisible Wall Safe: Covert II
Your Price: $189.00
On sale: $159.00 On Sale

The Next Generation of Covert Safes and Vaults

Console Vault provides the latest in covert vaults and safes for government officials and consumers worldwide. From Console Vault's innovative Vehicle Vaults that provide additional peace of mind, covert wall safes and vaults capable of outsmarting the most hardened of thieves, to the latest in security briefcases and gun and document transporters, Console Vault enables you to keep your valuables safe and secure.

Whether you're looking to keep your firearm secure in your SUV or ensure your most confidential documents travel with the utmost security on an international flight, Console Vault is the premier source for all of your high-security storage solutions.

Tried and True by the Professionals

Console Vault's covert safes and vaults have long been a favorite by those with high-security needs. Whether a law enforcement official in the Middle East or a business executive within a highly competitive industry, some of the world's most influential people have trusted their valuables with Console Vault.

Console Vault's covert safes and vaults are perfect for:

  • Military Personnel
  • Government Officials
  • Law Enforcement
  • Security Personnel
  • Business Executives
  • Private Individuals

Safety and Security for Automobiles

Console Vault has created specialized Vehicle Vaults for law enforcement officials and others looking to equip their vehicles with the finest in protection and security for over eleven years.

Featuring Console Vault's superior five-point locking system and a high-security barrel lock with an optional keyless combination lock, each Vehicle Vault receives the finest attention to detail by our expert craftsmen. Made of 12-gauge cold-rolled plate steel and refined with welded tabs and notch seams, Console Vault is the preferred automotive safe for thousands of law enforcement and government officials from around the world. 

Console Vault's Vehicle Vaults discretely fit inside the existing consoles of most trucks and SUVs. With the Vehicle Vault installed and the console lid closed, the Vehicle Vault remains completely hidden from view. The Vehicle Vault is only exposed when the console itself is opened, preventing you from attracting attention to your valuables.

The Vehicle Vault requires absolutely no modification to your vehicle's console and assembly takes less than ten minutes. Your original console can open and close just as it normally would, yet with the Vehicle Vault in place your belongings are now treated with the security and safety they deserve.

Providing Peace of Mind

Whether you're looking for a portable gun transporter or a Vehicle Vault for your favorite truck, Console Vault has a solution for all of your security needs. 

Have a question you're not finding the answer to online? Please contact us! Our personable and knowledgeable staff is here to address your security needs and answer any of your questions.

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