As most of us are aware, 2012 was a particularly challenging year in the United States. Tragic events like those in Colorado and Connecticut put guns into the spotlight and ignited a heated debate that will continue for some time. 

As a gun owner and enthusiast myself, I cannot in good conscience deny that the topic of firearms is one that needs to be discussed. Every day lives are lost here in the United States due to firearms, and it must be admitted that many of these deaths could have been prevented had those firearms not entered the wrong hands. 

As gun owners, let us play our part in the discussion and remind ourselves that it is one of our finest rights as Americans to be able to freely express our voices. And as we debate the topic in hopes of a better tomorrow, may we ultimately come together and find a way to best prevent tragic events from happening in the future, be they large or small. 

I believe it to be of the utmost importance that we stay true to the Constitution, yet it must be acknowledged that ownership of a firearm bears great responsibility. Guns are serious inventions that can have grave consequences, and as such they should be treated with the utmost of preventative care by their owners. 

In the New Year ahead, I strongly encourage all of my fellow gun owners to show the world that the majority of gun owners are progressive individuals that have personally adopted the initiative to protect their firearms and prevent violent crimes. 

May we all take the extra steps our status as gun owners requires of us. Whether you purchase one of our products or some other storage device that keeps your firearms under lock and key, I wholeheartedly commend those that take it upon themselves to set an example that will best enable future generations of Americans the right to bear arms. 

So, let us do our part. Let us ensure that our firearms do not fall into the wrong hands and keep them under lock and key when not on our person. Not only will we inspire others to do the same and set an example to be noted, more importantly our efforts can - and will - save the lives of our fellow citizens. 

Tom Duengel