Customer Referral Program

Put a family member or friend behind our protective shield today!

Console Vault's customer “Shield Referral Program” is an excellent way for you to earn a $25 VISA card. Additionally, the person(s) you are referring a will entitled to a coupon for 10% off their vault purchase. Helping to shield another family member or friend from unwanted intrusions of your possessions is a great gift to give them.

To qualify, you need have purchased a vault from us in the past and meet the simple qualification rules below. Just fill out the form below to get your VISA Card and the discount code for your family member or friend so we can verify your previous purchase. You and your referral party should receive an email within 48 hours from submission (business days only) that you are approved for the program.

The Shield Referral Program Qualification Rules:

1. The referring party must have purchased any one of our vault products previously according to our records or provide proof of purchase.
2. The referred party must have never owned one of our products previously.
3. The product to be purchased by the referred party does not need to be same vault type as the referring party purchased to qualify for the discount. I.E.: If referring party purchased a transporter the referral party can purchased any of our four vault products.I.E.If referring party purchased a transporter the referral party can purchased any of our four vault products.
4. You need to complete the application form below so we can verify our records according to the rules 1 & 2.
5. The referral program discount can only be used on the purchase of one vault by the referred party. The discount may be applied to the highest priced vault in the order should you purchase more than one vault.6. The Visa Card will be mailed to be referring party 30 days after the purchase by the referred party.
7. This offer cannot be combined with any other discount programs offered by Console Vault.