A Review from Little Helpers In Life
Keep Your Valuables Safe, Even in Your Car With Console Vault A few years back, before I had my kids. I had my car broken into. It was very terrifying, and such an eye opening experience. You see, it was partially my own fault as I accidentally didn’t lock all my doors. And though I thought I was in safe area I quickly found out I was not. I had some valuable possessions stolen out of my car that night. They caught the kid who did it, not even two weeks later because my coworkers were watching the work parking lot like hawks at all times. I did eventually have most of my items recovered, but not all. If I would have had a Console Vault, my possessions would have been safe.

With how much my husband needs to drive, and check out different work sites, he has a terrible habit of leaving his car unlocked. So I decided, we should really find some way to protect anything important he leaves in his truck. I went to the Console Vault website, and found his make and model of his truck and easily found the perfect vault for his truck. I told him about it, and he was stoked. When the vault came in the mail, he was so excited to be able to install it. I was amazed at what an easy install it actually is.