An Ideal In-Vehicle Gun Storage Solution from Console Vault

Writer Matthew Maruster with recently visited the Console Vault HQ to tour and meet with our team.

Matthew’s accolades include serving as a Marine Staff Sergeant and Platoon Sergent during combat in Iraq, and later as a police officer in San Diego County. In the Marine Corps, he a lead marksmanship instructor and assistant range master. As a police officer, he also served as a crisis negotiator. Matthew also has a bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice. With such extensive knowledge and experience in firearm safety and instruction, we were honored to catch his attention.

We gave Matthew a Console Vault safe to test out for his 2019 Honda Ridgeline. Click Here to read his full installation process and review.

“So overall, the safe from Console Vault exceeded my expectations. The safe fits perfectly in my 2019 Ridgeline and gives me a perfect spot to secure my firearm when I need to go into a “gun-free” zone. I usually leave the safe unlocked, only locking it when I need to.” – Matthew Maruster,

Matthew also produces the  Concealed Carry Podcast, coordinates the Concealed Carry Instructor Network, and manages MJ Maruster Defense.