Console Vault Gives Security on the Go
Safe storage is a key principle of being a responsibly armed citizen. Whether you’re at home, at play, at work, or in between, you have to make sure that your firearm is safely secured at all times. Although it is preferable to carry your pistol in your on-body holster, there are times when it is impossible to do so, and you need to have an alternate storage location. The Console Vault in-vehicle safe is a great option.

Console Vault was founded in 2002 by two people who were personally impacted by smash-and-grab car thefts. They set out to create a solution for people to secure their valuables in their vehicles, so that their items will be there when they return. Their product is designed to fit inside your vehicle’s console and hide your safe from view. The units are constructed of heavy duty 12-gauge steel with a Triple Guard locking system that incorporates a latch design similar to the pins used in the doors of bank vaults. All of the Console Vault safes meet stringent automotive quality standards and have a few different lock types available.

My Console Vault was installed into my Chevrolet Silverado’s under seat console in just a matter of minutes. I was surprised at how quickly and easily the unit installed – just like the included directions said! It was a perfect fit and the six provided screws ensured that the unit is secured and doesn’t rattle or move at all. Changing the combination from the default factory code was simple and easy, too! My unit has a customizable four-digit code, so it is one that I can easily remember and access my safe quickly when needed.