Console Vault Raises Over $6,000, for Project ChildSafe
Published November 22, 2023 

During Crime Prevention Month, Console Vault Fundraised To Help Empower Its Communities and Stay Safe. 

Powell, OH - November 22nd, 2023 - Console Vault, a leading company specializing in vehicle safes, joined forces with Project ChildSafe, by dedicating their efforts during Crime Prevention Month to highlight the importance of firearm storage practices. October is recognized as Crime Prevention Month, an initiative led by the National Crime Prevention Council (NCPC) to empower Americans to safeguard themselves, their families, and their communities in collaboration with Project ChildSafe, a nonprofit organization committed to promoting responsible gun ownership and preventing firearm-related accidents, Console Vault successfully raised over $6,000 during Crime Prevention Month to support their cause. 

Scott Bonvissuto, President of Console Vault, emphasized, "This achievement reflects Console Vault's commitment to safety and underscores the vital role of proactive measures in deterring crime. Our products aim to serve as a bridge to keep our communities safe and secure." 

Significance of Crime Prevention Month: 
Crime Prevention Month serves as a period for communities to unite and foster accountability and vigilance. It presents an opportunity to address aspects of crime prevention through education, outreach programs, and support for organizations dedicated to creating safer environments. This October, the collaboration emphasized advocating firearm storage practices through collaboration with Project ChildSafe. 

Project ChildSafe is widely recognized as an advocate for firearm safety. Their primary focus is on promoting storage to prevent access and accidents involving firearms. This aligns perfectly with the goals of Crime Prevention Month, making them an ideal partner for this initiative. In addition to providing firearm safety kits, Project ChildSafe also offers resources to promote responsible gun ownership. 

Bonvissuto expressed pride that the funds raised will support Project ChildSafe's initiatives and enable them to reach people and distribute safety kits. These kits include cable-style gun locks and educational materials equipping gun owners with the tools and knowledge they need to secure their firearms.

Console Vault has played a role in raising awareness about responsible firearm ownership. They have achieved this through their SafeTravels podcast engagement on social media platforms and targeted email campaigns. Through these channels, they effectively spread the message of storage practices.

In October's edition of the SafeTravels Podcast, an insightful interview with Bill Brassard from Project ChildSafe was featured. This interview can be accessed on YouTube or Spotify. The continued effort to raise awareness plays a role in fostering a culture of responsibility and reducing the risks associated with firearm-related accidents or incidents.

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