It’s Time to Hit the Road Again!
We are all feeling a little lighter and a lot more hopeful now that the pandemic is in the rearview mirror. With the temperatures rising and the hope of a beautiful summer, thoughts turn to road trips, camping, hiking, biking and nearly everything that can be enjoyed outdoors! Before you embark on your journey to hit the road, here is a checklist to make sure everything is in order for a great trip:

__ Tire pressure
__ Fluids
__ Filters
__ Brakes
__ Windshield Wipers
__ Sunshade for outside of car for front window
__ Secure area to store valuables

You can probably check off easily that everything is in order except for where to conveniently store your valuables. Perhaps you worry if your handgun, wallet or purse are really safe just being placed in your glovebox or underneath your seat when you need to leave it in the car.

With a Console Vault® In-Vehicle Safe, your journey now is less stressful, and you’ll have added peace of mind knowing that your most important items are protected from in-vehicle theft. All Console Vault safes are custom designed to fit your vehicle and can be easily installed in 10-15 minutes.

Cut down on stress, be better prepared to hit the road and enjoy whatever and wherever your journey takes you.