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I received a Console Vault for my cousin who hasn't gotten around to coming over due to Covid and/or work related. Imagine your car being broken into it and all your necessities stolen your important documents, money you've hidden in a secret stash area in your car, or your passport or important documents. Whatever the case may be that you're missing and it'll be forever to get it back or you may have to go purchase it again and wasting more money to get that certain stuff, etc. Well with a In-Vehicle Safe you can throw all those worries away.

Console Vault is an ingenious lock box designed to fit inside the center console of various cars, trucks, and SUVs. Made from 12 gauge steel and featuring three different lock options, these safes are sturdy and concealable. Currently the company offers vaults for over 40 different vehicle applications with no modifications necessary. This makes Console Vault a good option for leased cars or work vehicles that will eventually have to be returned to their original configuration. READ MORE.