Safety Awareness Month Brings Safe Firearm Storage
Make Sure It's Secure.

June is National Safety Month and Console Vault is joining NSSF – The Firearm Industry Trade Association (Our favorite resource, Project ChildSafe is their official firearm safety program to help promote the safe storage of firearms during Safe Storage Week – A national campaign to encourage all gun owners to check their firearm storage practices and “Make Sure it’s Secure”.

As Gun Storage Check Week approaches from June 1-7, let's take a moment to reinforce the importance of responsible firearm storage practices. Gun safety is paramount to overall home safety, and secure storage stands as the foremost method to prevent firearm accidents, suicides, and thefts. While the majority of gun owners responsibly secure their firearms, regrettable incidents still arise due to unsecured weapons. By fostering collaboration among safety partners, we aim to amplify the reach of this critical safety message, ensuring it resonates with as many individuals as possible.

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