Why You Need A Vehicle Gun Safe
If you're an armed citizen and do any sort of driving, sooner or later you'll need to consider a vehicle gun safe.

What are the advantages of vehicle gun safes:

1. They are necessary given most cars' poor security.
2. They should be hidden so they do not draw a thief's attention.
3. They should attach to the superstructure of the vehicle.
4. Compared to gun vaults they are lightly built.
5. This is acceptable, given they are meant for short-term storage.
6. Most are not fireproof, given the rarity of it in vehicles.
7. Many handgun safes are acceptable vehicle safes.

The common refrain about “gun-free zones” is “I simply won’t go.” It’s a noble sentiment, steeped in the righteous intentions and completely incompatible with real life. It stings like salt in a wound, but a visit to these less-then-enlightened venues end up on a to-do list more often then you'd figure — be it jury duty, parent-teacher conferences or even work.

The obvious solution to this unpalatable situation, given our highly mobile society, is to simply stow your gun in your car. Of course, doing so is easier said than done. It's impracticable to downright loony to think you can just toss you 9mm or .45 somewhere sight-unseen and call it secure. Always a consideration, firearms' security is especially imperative on the road. Tempered glass and anemic locks hardly inspire the confidence you should have when not personally accounting for your firearm.

Like the home variety, a vehicle gun safe thwarts crime and keeps your firearms where it needs to be — in your possession. And should be among the top accessories for anyone who carries on a regular basis. Quite possibly, it's the gun owner's best travel companion.