The Gun Transporter

Part Number: 1024

“Thanks for making a great product! I'm convinced that there is nothing on the market that equals the quality of the Gun Transporter. The TSA guys even commented on it.”

Your Price: $209.00
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The Gun Transporter is a mobile vault designed to hold handguns securely inside. Like all of our vaults, the Transporter is constructed of high strength 12-gauge steel plates that provide a safe and secure environment when traveling with your weapon, high-security documents, and other valuables. The Transporter also includes a dedicated space for cleaning accessories or additional ammo. It complements our vehicle vault on your trips to the gun range or when traveling with additional firearms too large to fit in a vehicle console vault. The Transporter is also a great option for securely stowing your firearm under TSA regulations when traveling by commercial airlines.

The Gun Transporter comes with a high-security keyless combo lock and a 21" retractable high-security vinyl-coated cable to attach and secure your sensitive belongings. The Transporter also features a heavy-duty, nylon-reinforced contoured handle and a durable industrial powder-coat finish. The spring-assisted lid design enables the case to remain in the open position when unlocked. The Transporter interior includes a convoluted foam base and high-density foam liner on the interior of the lid that protects your firearms and belongings while holding them securely in place.