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The Universal Cloak with Drink Holder is an accessory designed specifically for use with Console Vault's Universal Vault. The Cloak's heavy-gauge steel shell attaches on top of the Universal Vault, giving your automobile's safe the simple appearance of a drink holder and storage tray and diverting attention from strangers and thieves. 

The Cloak works in conjunction with the Universal Console Vault on the transmission tunnel or location of your choice. Once the Universal Vault is mounted and secured, simply place the Cloak on top of it and the vault becomes discretely hidden, while also providing you with the convenience of a storage tray and drink holder. 

The Universal Cloak with Drink Holders Features: 
  • 16-gauge plate steel body
  • A pin latch in the rear for fast removal with the touch of a button
  • Two drink holders
  • Convenient storage tray
  • Industrial satin black powder coating
  • Foam lining for tray and cup holder base