A Luxury Upgrade for Your Car
The Console Vault is an effective security vault that can be installed right into the center console of your car. The Console Vault is made of heavy guage steel and has a choice of 3 unique & different locking mechanisims you can choose from. Console Vault has a variety of sizes to fit your console; simply look up the make, model and year of your car for a proper fit. 

The Console Vault offers a sense of security when you need to leave your valubles behind when you are running errands or on an outdoor adventure. It is also ideal to help avoid tempted theft and break-ins. We recently had a string of break-in’s around our neighborhood where tablets, money and even phones were stolen from cars. Leaving your valuables locked in the Console Vault not only will protect them, but offer a great peace of mind. 

The Console Vault is also ideal if you live in a state where conceal and carry is not legal. Having a safe place in your vehicle to lock up your firearm will allow you to have your weapon in a secure place and close by if needed. It also secures your firearm from children. We opted for the 4-digit combination lock for extra security. Before you begin the installation process, it is important to set your security code first in case a mistake is made and you need to reset. The manufactuer instructions stated that it will take approximately 10-15 minutes to install, but it took us a little less than 5 minutes to get the Console Vault securely in place. 

The Console Vault came with the heavy duty vault and hardware. We used an 11mm mechanic bit and a Philips screwdriver to install by hand. Our drill did not fit into the console, but if you have a drill with an extension it may make the process quicker. We could not believe how quick and easy the Console Vault was to install. It is definitely a luxury car upgrade that provides safety and security that every car should have.