Console Vault® Announces New In-Vehicle Safe For Volkswagen Atlas

Columbus, OH—April 27, 2020—Console Vault®, The Original In-Vehicle Safe™, has announced the launch of a new in-vehicle safe for the Volkswagen Atlas. The Atlas is the latest addition to the already extensive range of safes that provide owners with security, protection and peace of mind when storing their valuables and firearms.

“Our clients have been asking to expand our product offering for SUVs that the public would be gravitating to,” said Scott Bonvissuto, senior vice president of sales and marketing for Console Vault. According to US News and WorldReport, ‘The 2020 Volkswagen Atlas is one of the best midsize SUVs for large families’.”

The Volkswagen Atlas collection is currently available for all models and includes the option of the customer personally selecting the type of locking mechanism they prefer.

Console Vault has over 60 different in-vehicle safes, customized for light trucks, SUVs and select sedans across many brands and model years. Consumer demand for in-vehicle protection is being driven by the significant increase in auto thefts and “smash and grabs and is now seen as a necessary option for in-vehicle security. For 2020, the Company is planning an aggressive roll-out of new products to expand the range and types of vehicles covered.

As with all Console Vault products, the Atlas Collection is made from 12-gauge steel, exceeding all automotive quality standards, fits in the console of your vehicle, concealed from view. They are easy to install and require no modifications to your the vehicle. All models include free shipping anywhere in the United States.

A recent customer provided a testimonial on why the Console Vault In-Vehicle Safe has been a positive addition to their vehicle:

“I purchased a Console Vault In-Vehicle Safe and was surprised at the peace of mind it brought me when I have to leave my handgun in my SUV if I go into a government building for a meeting where it is prohibited to have my handgun with me. My friends noticed that I also placed my wallet and watch in the Console Vault safe when I go into the gym to play basketball. It decreases the stress of worrying about the possibility of smash and grabs and my belongings being stolen.”

About Console Vault

Headquartered in Columbus, OH, Console Vault was founded in 2002 by an entrepreneur who decided to provide a solution for the rash of smash and grab car thefts he was seeing. The creation of an in-vehicle safe proved to be a viable solution that could secure both valuables and handguns in owners’ vehicles.

Console Vault in-vehicle safes are designed to be the most innovative, highest quality products with guaranteed fit, styling and durability. Each safe is custom designed for easy installation for a wide and ever-growing range of vehicles. We are committed to providing peace of mind and a strong sense of security wherever you need to be. To learn more or review the entire Console Vault collection, visit

For additional information and to do a media interview with Console Vaults’ leadership, please call or email Nancy Valent at 216-513-8740, [email protected]