Choosing & Installing a Console Vault® in your Vehicle

1. How do I determine which model safe is the correct one for my specific vehicle?
- Simply select your make, model, and year by using the Shop by Vehicle tool provided. Always make sure you determine the proper type of factory console you have in your vehicle. For example, bucket seats (or sometimes called captain chairs) have a full floor console versus bench seats, which have a fold down arm rest console. Always compare the photos of the safe units to the factory console you have. If you cannot determine which is the correct safe for your vehicle call our office @ 800-878-1369.

2. What kind of modification needs to be done to my vehicle's factory console in order to install the Console Vault products?
- None. Every safe is designed and engineered to fit specifically into your factory console without any modification. No cutting or drilling is required. Some safes come with self-taping screws that will be screwed into the console sides.

3. Do I need to hire a professional to install a Console Vault product or are any special tools required?
- Most safes can be installed with your average household tools (i.e., screwdriver and/or socket wrench) and in as little as 10 minutes. No professional installation is necessary. Truly, the install is do it yourself.

4. Does the keyless/combination lock come with a pre-set entry code or do I get to set my own combination?
- Your safe arrives to you with simple, easy-to-follow instructions for setting your own unique 3-digit or 4-digit combination upon installation.

5. How much space will I lose in my factory console after installing a Console Vault in vehicle safe?
- Since each safe unit is custom designed to fit the factory console precisely to ensure the loss of only minimal space, basically the thickness of the steel necessary to form the safe.

6. Do you make these for any types of cars or RVs?
- There are a few sedan safe products available on the site. You can find them through the Shop by Vehicle tool. We do not have any RV specific models designed at this time.

7. What other models will you have in the future?
- Console Vault has a development team that is continually working on bringing new products to the marketplace and improving existing models based on our research and customer feedback. Innovation is our game and it's what we have fun with.

8. How do I install an In-Vehicle Safe? Do I have to modify the console at all?
- All safes use factory bolts and hardware. Simply take out the existing bolts, set in the vault, and replace bolts. Some safe units require the use of self-tapping screws. Detailed installation instructions come with every safe unit.

9. If I have a model not listed in your product line are you planning on expanding your product line to include other vehicles?
- There are many new safe products we are planning on manufacturing. Our Marketing and Development teams continually work to develop new products based on market demand and volumes. Please fill out our Contact Us form with your year/make/model so we can consider it for future development.

10. Do you ship outside of the USA?
- YES. Please email your order to [email protected]. Please include the PRODUCT NUMBER, MAKE, MODEL and YEAR and the date you would like your safe(s) delivered in your email. We will calculate your shipping costs and send you back an estimate. Once approved we will place your order. We will do our best to meet your requested delivery date and will notify you of the estimated date once your order is placed.

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