1. How do I determine which model vault is for my specific vehicle?

Simply select your make, model, and year from the list to the left. Always make sure you determine the proper type of factory console you have in your vehicle. For example, bucket seats (or sometimes called caption chairs) have a full floor console versus bench seats, which have a fold down arm rest console. Always compare the photos of the units to the factory console you have.

2. What kind of modification needs to be done to the vehicle's factory console in order to install the Console Vault?

None. Every unit is designed and engineered to fit specifically into our factory console with out any modification. No cutting or drilling is required.

3. Do I need to hire a professional to install the Console Vault or are any special tools required?

Most vaults can be installed with your average household tools (i.e., screwdriver and/or socket wrench) and in as little as 10 minutes. No professional installation is necessary. Truly, the install is something anyone could do.

4. Does the keyless/combination lock come with a pre-set entry code or do I get to set my own combination?

Your vault arrives to you with simple, easy-to-follow instructions for setting your own unique 3 digit combination upon installation.

5. How much space will I lose in my factory console after installing the Console Vault?

Since each unit is custom designed to fit the factory console precisely you will lose minimal space, basically the thickness of the steel necessary to form the vault.

6. Do you make these for any types of cars or RVs?

While we don't have any vehicle specific models designed for cars or RVs at this time, we do have a universal model which easily installs onto any flat surface (such as a floor board or transmission hump). This unit has an optional cloak which conceals the vault for added protection.

7. What other models will you have in the future?

Console Vault is in the new design development on a daily basis. We have new models for new trucks and SUVs, plus a line of laptop vaults, walls safes, and more. Innovation is our game and it's what we have fun with.

8. How do I install a Console Vault? Do I have to modify the console at all?

All vaults use factory bolts and hardware. Simply take out the existing bolts, set in the vault, and replace bolts. Detailed installation instructions will be available on the website shortly.

9. How long will it take to receive my vault?

We have an ample supply of vaults on hand for most models with most orders being shipped the day of.

10. I have a model not listed in your product line. Are you planning on expanding your product line to include other vehicles?

There are many models that we plan on manufacturing. The tooling process is expensive and time consuming but we will continue to make new products as the demand calls for it.

11. How hard is it to install my Console Vault?

It's surprisingly easy. All of the factory center consoles use the existing factory bolts to mount. You simply remove the bolts under the pad in the base of your console, slip your Console Vault in place, and then replace the bolts. In almost all cases installation is complete in less than 10 minutes.

12. I don't have a console in my truck but I would like secure storage. Do you offer anything?

Yes! You have two choices: we now offer a Console Vault that is designed for the fold down arm rest for Chevrolet and Ford. Your second choice is the universal mount vault. The universal mount Console Vault can be mounted on the transmission tunnel, behind seats, or anywhere that there might be space to accommodate.

13. I would like to have a Console Vault in my motor home. What do you offer?

The universal model is your best bet. It has a unique attractive design and plenty of space with all of the high security that you would expect from Console Vault