New Console Vault® Motorcycle Safe
US Patent Pending

At Console Vault®, we like to think we are in the peace of mind business. We believe that everyone should have the confidence that when they leave their home, wherever they go or how short or long the journey, that their most important valuables will be safe and secure from theft in their vehicles.

The latest addition to our innovative collection of safes is the Console Vault, Motorcycle Safe and the first unit designed for the Harley Davidson Bagger. Like all Console Vault safes, the motorcycle safe is designed to secure your firearms and valuables in many select models of Harley Davidson Bagger motorcycles. To see the full collection of all safes for motorcycles, SUVs and light trucks, check our SHOP BY VEHICLE on

Columbus, OH—August 4, 2020— Console Vault®, The Original In-Vehicle Safe™, introduces the new Console Vault safe for the Harley Davidson Bagger motorcycles (US Patent Pending). Available now, it is the perfect add-on for bikers looking for a secure place to store valuables and firearms wherever the ride takes them.

“The Console Vault Motorcycle Safe was specifically designed for bikers looking to protect and secure their valuables and firearms within their saddle bags,” said Scott Bonvissuto, co-founder of Console Vault. “Harley Davidson riders now have hidden storage, which is designed to hold their valuables like a wallet, cell phone, or handgun and know they will be there when they’re ready to ride.”

Each motorcycle safe is built with heavy gauge steel with a choice of three unique locking mechanisms that prevent unauthorized access. Each Console Vault safe for the Harley Davidson Bagger motorcycle can be quickly and easily installed and fits perfectly in the bagger saddle bag without compromising the profile, balance or riding integrity of the motorcycle.

At the present time, this initial unit from Console Vault is for 2014 and newer Harley Davidson Bagger models. For details visit The company will be introducing a wave of new models to accommodate many more motorcycle makes and models in the near future.

Console Vault®, The Original In-Vehicle Safe™, has over 60 different models customized for light trucks, SUVs and select sedans across many brands and model years. Consumer demand for in-vehicle protection is being driven by the significant increase in firearm purchases and a rise in “smash and grab” thefts. Now more than ever in-vehicle theft prevention is now seen as a must have option for in-vehicle security.

About Console Vault Headquartered in Columbus, OH, Console Vault was founded in 2002 by an entrepreneur who decided to provide a solution for the rash of smash and grab car thefts he was seeing. The creation of an in-vehicle safe proved to be a viable solution that could secure both valuables and handguns in owners’ vehicles. Console Vault in-vehicle safes are designed to be the most innovative, highest quality products with guaranteed fit, styling and durability. Each safe is custom designed for easy installation for a wide and ever-growing range of vehicles including motorcycles. We are committed to providing peace of mind and a strong sense of security wherever you need to be. To learn more or review the entire Console Vault collection, visit