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Safe Travels Summer Sale is live! | Use code CVSECURE24 for 20% off off In-vehicle safes.
Safe Travels Summer Sale is live! | Use code CVSECURE24 for 20% off off In-vehicle safes.

Security on the Road with Console Vault

More and more Americans are purchasing firearms for the first time due to fears over the pandemic and months of civil unrest. With more firearms in circulation, there has also been an increase in firearms being stolen, many times out of vehicles. Recently in College Station, Texas, 20 cars were burglarized and five guns were stolen in just one night. Last year one of our contributors wrote a story about how to legally and safely with a focus on securing it in a lockbox. While many people think that locking their glove box or console is enough, most of those can be easily pried open, and honestly, most drivers forget to lock them every time.

This is where a product like the Console Vault makes a huge difference, by creating a secure storage area within your vehicle for firearms, registration, or other valuables you need to transport with you. We are installing the Console Vault in a 2020 Chevrolet Tahoe it is the same console as the Suburban. Console Vault makes custom-fitted products designed for the most popular cars, trucks, and even motorcycles. All of their in-vehicle safes are made of heavy gauge cold rolled steel with drill resistant locks. They also claimed that most of their safes install in under 15 minutes, which I was skeptical of.

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