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Safe Travels Summer Sale is live! | Use code CVSECURE24 for 20% off off In-vehicle safes.
Safe Travels Summer Sale is live! | Use code CVSECURE24 for 20% off off In-vehicle safes.

Worrying Over Smash Grabs

If you have ever been the victim of a break-in with your car or what is known as smash and grabs, you know that the feeling of vulnerability never leaves you. Most people follow the check list and do all the right things by locking their vehicles, not leaving valuables in clear view and not parking in secluded areas. There's probably one thing you haven't thought of that's probably the best way to protect your valuables. Installing a safe right in your vehicle.

A few years ago, I heard someone say: "Worrying won't stop the bad stuff from happening. It just stops you from enjoying the good."

Even if you have never experienced a theft of valuables left in your vehicle, I'm pretty certain that most of us worry in the back of our minds if we have to leave our stuff. It could be everyday or just the one or two times we forgot to hide a handbag or wallet.

Most people feel it would be safer to leave their valuables in their vehicle. The question is where? The thing is, no matter where you decide to leave it there is no safe place or deterrent.

Rather than living with the nagging stress of worry, there is a solution! An in-vehicle safe from Console Vault. It is the perfect solution for your car, SUV or truck for securing and concealing your valuables and firearms.

Recent studies indicate that the number of firearms having been stolen in the United States is alarming. Individual private gun owners and also gun dealers should be responsible take the necessary measures to make certain that guns are not available to theft. Research data suggests that most guns involved in serious crimes were stolen from a vehicle. Console Vault in-vehicle safes are the perfect solution for when you can't carry.

In addition to providing a secure location for a handgun, Console Vault is dedicated to protecting valuables that you wish to keep in your vehicle like a wallet, jewelry, keys, etc. Console Vault in-vehicle safes are easy to install and are designed to meet the rigorous quality standards of all OEM vehicle manufacturers. The console lid operates exactly the same as before and your valuables and firearms are safe, secure and kept from prying eyes.

I can't guarantee that this will eliminate all of your worries. I can tell you that for some of our clients who unfortunately had break-ins, their valuables were left untouched because the Console Vault In-Vehicle Safe could not be opened.

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