Our safes exceed the minimum quality standards of the automotive industry.

When we launched our OEM division online in 2016, we knew it would take time to develop the key business relationships and get our vehicle safes into the automotive manufacturers' production schedule. Today we supply our safes to major OEM customers-they are installing our security units in their vehicles at modification centers at or near their factories.

Our design engineers work closely with the OEM customer team to ensure consistency of our product to fit their requirements, from design specifications to manufacturing to delivery process. We plan to expand our OEM business exponentially over the next few years and to expand the product line and new vehicle solutions. Console Vault will continue to work our OEM customers to expand our in-vehicle safe line up as demand increases. 

We build our safes to meet and exceed automative quality standards which are some of the most stringent amongst product manufactures globally today. Console Vault products are designed and manufactured with certified ISO 9001:2015 and IATF 16949:2016 Quality Management Systems. 

We are very proud of our new OEM division. Console Vault's OEM division was made possible by our attention to detail and the quality of our product development, manufacturing, and delivery processes.