Elite 4-Digit Lock (OUT OF STOCK)

Elite 4-Digit Lock (OUT OF STOCK)

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Product Description:
The NEW Elite Lock is Console Vault’s exclusive upgraded 4-Digit Mechanical Lock.The Elite Lock can be purchased as an upgrade for existing Console Vault customers, or as a new lock option for new customers. Swapping out your current Console Vault lock for the upgraded Elite Lock is an easy DIY process that only takes 10-15 minutes!

Product Features:
  • Larger "in-line" numbers in an easier to read format
  • Enhanced tamper proof features
  • Easier to operate, with no need for a cumbersome finger pull
  • Only available through Console Vault®
  • The most secure 4-digit mechanical lock in the industry*

Please note: The Elite Lock is not compatible with the following key-lock-only Safe SKUs: 1063,1067, 1073, 1104, 6001.

For questions regarding compatibility with your safe, please call us at 1.614.714.4957 or email us at[email protected].

*based on our comprehensive destructive testing

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Not Happy
The previous 4 digit lock has been challenging to read and use. Then this comes along and there is no provision for EXCHANGING even when paying price difference. Considering how overpriced the console safe is in the first place (as is this lock), there should be a way to improve customer satisfaction without requiring a full-price purchase and then disposing of the current, useless lock.
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Reviewed by:  from NY on 3/17/2022
Having a Console Vault safe in my truck was one of the biggest piece of minds when obtaining my CCW. I knew without a doubt my firearm would be secure in my truck in the Console Vault. That was job one and the Vault accomplishes this every time I use it. As for quick access into the Vault to obtain your firearm, I never though of that until I noticed how small the combo numbers where on the original included 4 digit lock. So I had to work that into my plan that quick, emergency access may not be accomplished while my firearm was locked in the Vault. Hence, the reason I upgraded to the new Elite Lock, with larger numbers and what seemed to be a larger lock assembly, easier to grip. It is true the number are larger, check, it is true that the knob assembly is larger, check. Where it does not add value is that the new Elite Lock can be free spinning in place when you have the correct combo set. I know these seems confusing, that's because it is hard enough to figure out in person, let alone how to explain it. If your combo is set, you can spin the locks 360 degrees, then you can also use the push button to move the locking arm in place. So unlike the original lock that only rotated 90 degrees, and made it literally dummy proof, the Elite lock rotates in place. I can't figure out why. I thought maybe for ease of entering your combo since now you can rotate it towards you in the drivers seat, but not sure. My hope is this review is read by Console Vault and they can clarify how it can be used, should be used, otherwise it is too confusing for something that needs to be so simple during stressful times. I may go back to the original lock if I can't get used to how to use this new Elite lock.
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Reviewed by:  from San Diego on 4/6/2022
Better Late Than Never
A great addition to these tired old eyes is the larger combination single dial instead of the squint-to-see four separate tiny dials that are harder to turn. Too bad I had to pay $50 to make an okay security box much better/easier to use. I even removed the chrome "handle" from the previous lock - didn't know why it was needed on a spring open door. The new lock even disregarded the handle. I improved the box interior by putting two rubber caps over the screws used to secure the box into the console - no sense putting articles into the box that could get scratched up by the previous exposed screw heads. Now what should I do with the old 4 dial lock? Ebay?
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Reviewed by:  from Center Console on 4/6/2022
New Lock
I was never able to get the lock to line up straight. When I installed the locking bar, it wasn’t a tight fit so the door would move up and down. I gave up and put the old lock back in. Called customer service and they said to bend the bar slightly so it would rub up against the slit in the safe. Noting in the installation instructions does it say to bend bar to make it fit. I asked if it was possible to order a new safe with the new lock, which I would gladly do but it’s not available. Maybe in the future it will be available, until then I’ll keep the old lock on the safe.
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Reviewed by:  from Florida on 4/9/2022
Not Happy
Elite lock, purchased and installed as per instructions, like the larger know, and combo numbers. Locked lid, and went to reopen console, was unable to turn the operating know. Almost was not able to open conse vault. The free wheel mechanism feels like it is not working properly. Very to difficult to get the indent pin to engage the internal mechanism to engage lock to operate. The know seems to bind up at times. Was able to get console open and reinstalled original 3 digit lock . I have a question , what is the black slotted set screw that has a L And R next to it for?? Nothing in installation directions gives any information on what its for ,or what it is to be set for., Any idea???.. NOT very impressed on the functionality of this lock for the $$!!.
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Reviewed by:  from Rock Tavern NY on 4/21/2022