Hyundai Palisade Center Console Safe: 2020 - 2024

Hyundai Palisade Center Console Safe: 2020 - 2024
Hyundai Palisade Center Console Safe: 2020 - 2024

Hyundai Palisade Center Console Safe: 2020 - 2024

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This Hyundai Palisade center console in-vehicle safe is compatible with the 2020 - 2024 model year vehicles. This safe is available with your choice of key lock, 3-digit lock, 4-digit lock, or Elite 4-digit lock options. 

Product Description:
All our in-vehicle safes are built from heavy-gauge plate steel and designed to be easily installed inside your vehicle's factory center console or other location. The Hyundai Palisade safe is compatible with a variety of locking mechanismsall of which offer highly secure and tamper-proof features. Simply select which lock you prefer when placing your order. Our goal is to protect your valuables and firearms from auto theft, so you can have peace of mind for the road ahead.  

Introducing Console Vault's NEW Zero Profile Design: 
  • Console Vault's New and improved door mechanism features a zero-gap hidden hinge design that enhances security. 
  • U.S. Patent Pending 

Product Features:
  • Heavy Gauge cold rolled plate steel with welded tabs and notch seams
  • Superior Triple Guard Locking System resists prying
  • Highly secure and tamper-proof lock options
  • Easy 10-15 minute do-it-yourself installation
  • Secures inside your vehicle's factory console
  • Perfectly balanced spring-assisted door
  • Unit does not block USB ports or 12 volt outlet
  • Lifetime warranty
Console Vault's Triple Guard Lock System

Triple Lock

Our exclusive Triple Guard Lock System incorporates a reinforced latch design that greatly increases security. The design also includes a front channel that incorporates the lid into the body of the safe itself, ultimately eliminating stress from the physical lock.

Interior: 9.21" L x 7.44" W x 8.78" H
Lid Opening: 5.47" L x 5.04" W

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I wasn't sure about this when I purchased it, but took a chance. It was a great decision. I have a 2022 Hyundai Palisade. It took me less than 10 minutes to install. Minimal effort and every step in the instructions made sense. It handled my Sig Sauer P365 perfectly with ammo as well. I feel very confident that my belongings are safe in there. The Palisade does not have a large space to begin with, but to store my weapon and ammo it is perfect. I am very, very happy with the Console Safe.
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Nevada on 5/2/2024
Made one minor alteration to make it work for me
I have a 2020 Palisade and while I knew I would lose the divider tray, I thought I could still keep the 4 essential items on top of the Console Vault. They are an eyeglass case with my work safety glasses and hearing protection ear plugs, a 4" folding knife (rolled up in a microfiber cloth for wiping windows and eye glasses, a small set of house keys for a friends house and a quarter (because there are more and more stores that want you to rent their carts. Well, they all fit on top of the Console Vault - which by the way - is very solid and SUPER EASY to install. My only problem was that the quarter and the key ring would slide all over when stopping, starting and cornering. My solution was to bring the vault inside my house, remove the combo knob, peel off the Manufacturer label and apply some felt. I bought a small piece of crafting felt for less than 50¢ and applied it with some spray adhesive. When it was set, I trimmed the overhang with a razor knife and then cut a slit around the lid opening. I thought about trimming exactly around the lid, but left the overhang on as it creates a more seamless look. Now my quarter and keys stay when I put them. As far as trying to glue the felt on the top and lid without the lock in place, I put a rubber band under a very strong magnet on the inside of the lid and then hooked it to the bottom opening with a small S-hook. Any downside to this installation? MAYBE. The locking knob rubs ever so slightly on the felt. It does not prevent it from operating in anyway and I am certain that after using it, it will wear the felt down a bit. I may have voided my warranty by modifying it, but I weighed the odds and decided that with as sturdy as this is, my engineering background and my level of experience in mechanical work, I felt I would not cause any issues with it. I keep my Garmin DriveSmart 65 in a case in the vault along with the dash stand and when the need arises, I can put my Ruger SR9c in the vault without needing to remove the GPS or stand.
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from NE Illinois on 12/31/2023
law enforcement
This product is just as advertised. I can fit full size P320 with extended mag in the vault. That being said taking the mag out is probably the way to go for ease. Also can fit some valuables in it with the firearm. This is huge in states like Mass where firearms have to be locked up at all times when not under your control. Took me 15 minutes to install and would not know it was there unless the arm rest is lifted.
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from lawrence, ma on 12/1/2023