Elite 4-Digit Lock

Keyless 4-Digit Lock

The Elite 4-Digit Lock is part of Console Vault’s new emerging Elite line of locks and features improved user interface and tamper proof features. The Elite Lock can currently be purchased as an upgrade for existing Console Vault customers.

Swapping out your current Console Vault lock for the upgraded Elite Lock is an easy DIY process that only takes 10-15 minutes!

Your Price: $59.00

Barrel Key Lock

barrel key lock

The Barrel Key Lock features a highly secure lock that opens using a rugged barrel-style key. Its simple design provides quick and easy access to the contents of your vault.

Barrel Key Lock comes with two sets of keys for secure safe access.

Your Price: $35.00

Keyless 3 Combo Lock

keyless 3 combo lock

The Keyless 3 Combo Lock is the most popular option among our customers. Featuring a keyless option that avoids the possibility of losing one's key.

The Keyless 3 Combo Lock device uses a manual three-digit combination for its locking mechanism.

Your Price: $35.00

Keyless 4-Digit Lock

Keyless 4-Digit Lock

The 4-Digit Mechanical Lock is for those requiring the ultimate in security. Featuring all metal components and easy-to-read numbers.

The 4-Digit Mechanical Lock provides you with 10,000 possible combinations.

Your Price: $35.00