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Safe Travels Summer Sale is live! | Use code CVSECURE24 for 20% off off In-vehicle safes.
Safe Travels Summer Sale is live! | Use code CVSECURE24 for 20% off off In-vehicle safes.

Toyota Tacoma Full Floor Center Console Safe: 2016 - 2023

Part Number: 1078-KL
Original price $299.00 - Original price $348.00
Original price $299.00
$189.00 - $299.00
Current price $299.00
Lock type: Barrel Key Lock
We offer a diverse selection of lock types, all of which will keep your belongings untouched and safe, exactly the way you left them. Each of your lock types is compatible with all of our in-vehicle safes. Simply select which lock you prefer from the options above when placing your order online.

Product Features:
  • Heavy Gauge cold rolled plate steel with welded tabs and notch seams
  • Superior Triple Guard Locking System resists prying
  • Drill-resistant locks
  • Easy 10-15 minute do-it-yourself installation
  • Secures inside your factory console
  • Perfectly balanced spring-assisted door
  • Unit does not block USB ports or 12 volt outlet
  • Lifetime warranty

Features Console Vault's Triple Guard Lock System:

console safe for Toyota Tacoma

Console Vault has recently made the greatest design improvement since the product was first developed. Our new Triple Guard Lock System incorporates a latch design similar to the pins used in the doors of bank vaults, an overall improvement that greatly increases security.

The design also includes a front channel that incorporates the lid into the body of the vault itself, ultimately eliminating stress from the physical lock.

Interior: 7" L x 7" W x 7.25" H
Lid Opening: 5" L x 5" W

Customer Reviews

Based on 34 reviews
Great Storage Solution

First off super easy to install nice tight fit i chose the barrel lock and works great my only complaint is when the lid is locked it has some wiggle up and down which is annoying so i trimmed up some rubber mat and put on the lock lip and that snugged it up problem solved over all 10/10 highly recommend keeps the pew pew secure if i cant wear in and thats all that matters now that being said is it a bank vault NO!!!! will it keep sorta honest and even semi not really honest people out yes.

Emily Elsheimer
It's nice

Fits well in a Tacoma

Andrew Nelson
Perfect Fit!

I could not be happier with this console safe. The fit is absolutely perfect, installation a breeze, and functionality exactly what I was looking for. Thank you!

John Cammarata
2023 Tacoma

This was a simple and easy installation. The vault itself is super well made and fits perfectly. Take 2 bolts out, slide in the vault, and fasten back down with the included bolts which are longer to accommodate the vault. An excellent product.

David Brehmeyer
Taco Vault

Had been putting it off for some time, but when the 50% off popped up I snatched the deal. Quick (FREE) shipping. Took total of 15 minutes to install and most to that was find ing a place for all the stuff crammed in there (on the seat in the last photo). Super easy install. No drilling. Bolts went into factory mounting holes. Can't be more happy with it. Waiting for the 2019 Dodge Ram 1500 vault to go on sale next. Jk, but not. Thanks CV.

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