Gun Transporter

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Gun Transporter
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One of Console Vault®'s most unique products and a favorite among law enforcement and government agencies, the Gun Transporter holds handguns with ease and includes a dedicated space for cleaning accessories and/or additional ammo. A rock-solid body made of 12-gage steel plates provides peace of mind when traveling with your weapon and/or high-security documents. 

The Console Vault® Gun Transporter includes a 21" retractable high-security vinyl-coated cable to attach and secure your sensitive belongings, as well as a stainless steel fitting that accepts most locks. The Gun Transporter also features a heavy-duty, nylon-reinforced contoured handle and industrial powder-coat finish. 

The lid of the Gun Transporter is spring-assisted, which enables it to remain in the open position when unlocked. As with all Console Vault® products, care and attention to detail was also spent on the interior of the Gun Transporter. The interior of the Gun Transporter includes a convoluted foam base and high-density foam liner on the interior of lid, both protecting your firearms and belongings and holding them securely in place. 

Gun Transporter Highlights
  • 12-gauge cold rolled plate steel
  • Welded tab and notch seams
  • Built-in retractable tether cable
  • High-security keyless combo lock
  • Spring-assisted lid
  • Made in the USA

Features Console Vault's Triple Guard Lock System
Console Vault® has recently made the greatest design improvement since the product was first developed. Our new Triple Guard Lock System incorporates a latch design similar to the pins used in the doors of bank vaults, an overall improvement that greatly increases security.

The design also includes a front channel that incorporates the lid into the body of the vault itself, ultimately eliminating stress from the physical lock. The end result: the most secure product Console Vault has ever made.

right to bear armsProtect Your Firearms. Preserve Your Constitutional Rights. 

Did you know that if your firearm is stolen you can be held legally responsible for what damage and/or injury your stolen firearm may cause? Even something as simple as an accidental discharge can cause a revocation of your firearm permits, as well as the confiscation of all of your personal firearms. 

Don't let a criminal take away your constitutional rights and safely secure your firearms at all times with Console Vault.

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