Introducing the Console Vault® Motorcycle Safe

While you have always been able to store important documents, valuables, tools, mobile phones in your saddle bag there’s just one problem … thieves know that too.

Console Vault has been providing truck and SUV owners safe and secure protection from in-vehicle theft for over 20 years. Along the way we have built an industry leading reputation for innovation, quality and advanced design technology, based on a simple promise … no matter what you ride, we believe you should have the confidence that when you leave home most important valuables will be safe and secure from saddle bag theft.

At Console Vault we have taken the bagger’s basic design and enhanced it with a patent-pending must-have accessory specifically designed for a range of new and existing Harley Davidson bagger models.

Console Vault® Motorcycle Safe for Harley Davidson Bagger
Patent No. 11472506