The Wall Vault

Part Number: 1030

Protect your valuables, documents and firearms from theft and natural disaster.

Your Price: $270.00

Our wall vault brings the discreet security assurance from your vehicle into your home or office to secure and protect valuables, documents, and firearms. Our wall vault is concealed in plain sight because it presents an intruder with a “Red Herring”— it’s designed to look like a typical residential electrical breaker box. Should someone unlawfullybreak into your home, they will never suspect that your fuse box is a vault. This wall vault so realistic that you may even forget that it’s a safe when the lights go out!

The wall vault is constructed of high gauge steel, sized to fit between wall studs that are 16 inches on center. Designed for easy DIY installation, it takes just 20 minutes to install as long as you measure twice and cut once! The vault requires no electrical source to operate.

The wall vault has a unique lock with over 1,000 possible combinations that even the most skilled burglar will find very difficult to open even if they were to discover the safe. Two separate latching mechanisms create added security. We believe our wall vault is the right solution for storing all your prized possessions! The wall vault is the perfect complement to our Vehicle Vault creating a safety shield for your home and vehicle.