You lock your firearms up for safety at home but securing them on the go when you can’t carry is just as important. People buy guns to help protect themselves, but when they don’t protect them from being stolen, they’re putting themselves and their communities in danger. In fact, at least 180 U.S. cities have reported increases in gun theft from cars, making vehicle theft the largest source of stolen guns. All it takes is a few moments for a criminal to break a window and easily take an unsecured handgun from a vehicle.

At Console Vault®, we understand the importance of in-vehicle firearm safety. That is why many of our customers are gun owners who want a secure place for temporary vehicle gun storage when they can’t carry. Our vehicle gun safes are a responsible solution for securing and concealing handguns and are designed to fit discreetly in your car, truck, or SUV’s center console, or other compartments. Whether you’re searching for a truck gun safe, or a hidden gun safe for your SUV, our in-vehicle safe serves as an all-purpose locking storage unit or gun safe.

“Two of my students who had a Console Vault in-vehicle safe had someone enter their vehicles. There were scratch marks on the lid where the thieves tried to pry it open but could not get in. They had broken a window to get in the car and stole quite a few things that weren’t in the safe.”

– David S. Jenkins; Founder, Rochester Personal Defense, LLC, NRA Training Consoler/ Instructor, USCCA Training Consoler/ Instructor

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With options for the most popular SUV and truck models, like the F-150, RAM 1500, or Jeep Wrangler, Console Vault offers locking gun storage for hundreds of vehicles. Our in-vehicle units ensure your valuables and firearms are safe, secure, and kept from prying eyes. Console Vault is committed to providing you with innovative and high-quality safes that meet the rigorous quality standards of the OEM vehicle manufacturers. We’re here to make sure no matter where you go, peace of mind travels with you!

Be sure to check out our selection of applications for various makes, models and years to find the exact fit for your vehicle!

Key Features of Our Gun Safes for Vehicles

Console Vault products are built with safety in mind. We have designed our safes to provide a deterrent to unauthorized access of your valuables and firearms. No one will know your vehicle is equipped with a safe, allowing for a more secure vehicle gun storage solution.

Our in-vehicle safes are designed to allow your center console to operate exactly as it did before our safe was installed. The console gun safe offers secure and convenient storage. Once you unlock your safe using one of our multiple locking mechanism options, you will have full and easy access to your valuables as needed.

Some key features of the in-vehicle safe include:

  • Quick and easy installation
  • Fits in the console of your vehicle, concealed from view
  • No modifications to your vehicle’s console are needed to install
  • All safes composed of 12-gauge steel
  • Meets stringent automotive quality standards
  • Triple Guard Lock System to prevent entry
  • Variety of locking mechanisms to choose from
  • Drill-resistant locks
  • Free shipping anywhere in the contiguous United States
  • Backed by Lifetime Warranty

Our in-vehicle safes are generally available for three seat combinations based on your vehicle’s year, make and model. See below for our Full Floor Console, Under Seat Console, and our Fold Down Armrest.

Full Floor Console:
full floor console vault
Under Seat Console:
under seat console vault
Fold Down Armrest:
fold down armrest console vault

Our Hidden Gun Safe for Cars Is Ideal for Every Lifestyle

No matter your hobbies, interests or lifestyle, Console Vault’s in-car gun safe is an appreciable investment, leaving you with a feeling of relief and freedom to enjoy life without worry. Whether you’re someone who spends a lot of time outdoors or you’re heading into a business meeting in the city, our in-vehicle safe gives you a secure place to store your firearm.

Ready to Buy an In-Car Gun Safe for Your Vehicle?

Your search for a reliable truck gun safe is finally over. With our hidden gun safe for cars, you’ll experience peace of mind knowing your priceless belongings are secure in your vehicle.

Be sure to browse our options for your make and model, or contact our team today to learn more about our gun safe for vehicles!

Console Vault is a Proud Supporter of Project ChildSafe

Project ChildSafe believes in educating gun owners about how to secure and safely store your firearms. That is why Console Vault supports Project ChildSafe. We believe like they do that by promoting genuine firearms safety through the distribution of safety education messages across the U.S. we can keep our children safe. Their motto, Own it? Respect it. Secure It says it all. To get involved with Project ChildSafe, please visit

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